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Eilat is a teeming resort on the Red Sea. Year-around sunshine for boating, swimming and diving. Spectacular coral reef and tropical fish.

Known in biblical times as Ezion-Geber, modern Eilat was founded in 1952. Current population is a bit below 50,000. The center of activity is the North Beach area with numerous hotels, a marina, a beach promenade and places of entertainment.

Eilat's Marine Park has an Underwater Observatory which is a giant reef aquarium, providing a close look at a Red Sea reef with some 400 species of tropical fish.

Eilat offers yearly festivals: Bridge in November, Chamber Music in March and Jazz in August.

One of the attractions of Eilat is its exemption from V.A.T. (value added tax), a sales tax applied in all of Israel on purchases of goods and services including hotel bills.

Arad and its surroundings have been blessed with beautiful landscapes, desert tranquility, and many walking trails nestled amongst untouched desert nooks, which are suitable for any age or style. Arad of the new millennium is a town with young spirit and rich experience. The town, which was built according to international professional standards, is well planned. Even today, over 40 years after its establishment, Arad is still clean, spacious, well organized and its residents' hearts are always open to welcome any guest from anywhere in the world. Arad offers a combination of beautiful desert scenery and a dry climate, known for its healing properties. The cliffs, canyons and hidden caves are a source of attraction to thousands of tourists, and its proximity to the Judean Desert, Masada, the Dead Sea and important archeological sites makes Arad unique. The dry fresh desert air, offers therapeutic benefits for those suffering from respiratory problems. Another health attraction is nearby Dead Sea, which is renowned for its healing benefits for various skin diseases. Several holistic tourism initiatives are being established on the Arad-Masada road, offering vacationers a unique spiritual experience.

Arad is a convenient starting point for trips, hikes and activities in the special archeological and tourist sites in the vicinity - Masada, Ein-Gedi, Tel-Arad, the Judean Desert and the Dead Sea. Various extreme tourism initiatives exist in Arad. These include: rappelling, desert hikes, jeep and bike trips.

Arad Park: A JNF (Jewish National Fund) grove, which contains facilities for nature recreation. This is a great place to hold picnics. Located 5 kilometers west of Arad.

Moav Observatory: A breathtaking viewpoint locates in Arad's hotel area. The views of the Judea Desert, the Dead Sea and Moav Mountains are seen with all their glory. Contains an environmental sculpture by Igal Tomarkin and a short boardwalk.

"Lot's Wife" Artists' Quarter: A wide variety of artists' galleries and workshops assembled in the industrial area, at the west of Arad. Here you will be able to walk calmly between many varied artists' galleries. In addition to artistic investment, the place offers comfortable facilities, accessibility for the disabled, seating and resting corners and a warm welcoming treatment - befitting of the residents of the desert's tradition. The artists' village is a touristy landmark in Arad. It contains tours, workshops (coordinated in advance), personal encounters with the artists and their work and beautiful shops that offer original pieces only.

Hiking Trails Circling Arad: Nineteen new trails in different levels of difficulty have been marked in Arad lately, and are suitable for family trips. Details can be obtained in the tourism department 08-9951622

Arad Historical Museum: Photographs, slide shows and a film bring to life the fascinating story of the establishment of modern- day Arad in the 1960s: the Negev's first planned city. To arrange a visit, call: 050-8589373

Light and Sound Show "El Mul Massada":The show displays the lifestyle, battle and courage that took place in Massada's last moments. It takes place in Western Massada from March-October and is only accessible from Arad. Tel: 08-9959333

Massada National Park: A world heritage site which includes castle remains from the time of Herod, mosaics, Kana'im-era apparatuses, an ancient synagogue and water system. The site is accessible from the west, through Arad on the Roman Ramp.Tel. 08-6584207

Tel Arad National Park: Impressive remains of a fortified Canaanite city. The walls, streets, shrines, castle and in impressive water plant are still visible, as a fortress from the period of the Judean kings with a shrine and temple. Open all year round. Tel. 057-7762170

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Published 04.26.2015
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