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The North of Israel: Composed of two regions, the Galilee and the Golan Heights. The major population centers are on the coast. The area is rich in national parks and places of historical interest.

Coastal Cities

Haifa: An important port city, population 600,000 including adjoining suburbs. The commercial and industrial center of the North, situated at the foot and on the northern slope and top of the Carmel Mountain Range. Major landmarks are the Bahai Gardens and the imposing complexes of the Technion Engineering Center
and Haifa University.

Akko (Acre): The ancient crusader port and a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Nahariya: A resort city of more than 50,000 and the northern terminal of the coastal railroad.

Lower Galilee

Nazareth: Hometown of Jesus with major Christian holy sites.

Belvoir: A magnificent cusader fortress affording a spectacular view of the area.

The Jezreel Valley, a former swamp turned fertile agricultural area extends from Mount Carmel east to Mount Gilboa of biblical fame. Kibbutz Ein Harod offers guest accommodations and is the site of Mishkan Le'Omanut, one of the major art museums in the country.

Upper Galilee

Karmiel and Ma'alot are the commercial centers. Karmiel hosts an annual Dance Festival.

Tsfat (Safed): A mountain resort and past center of Kabbalah. There are synagogues from the middle ages and a thriving art colony.

Tefen: Hi-Tech Industrial Park with an Open Museum. Nearby charming Kfar Vradim is its bedroom community.

Jordan Valley

Sea of Galilee (Kineret); Lowest freshwater lake on Earth, almost 700 feet below sea level.On its southern shore is Tiberias, a popular resort city. On the northern shore is Capernaum with its ancient synagogue and, nearby, the Church of the Beatitudes, site of Jesus' Sermon of the Mount.

Beit She'an: Spectacular ruins of ancient Scythopolis

Hula Valley: The former swamp was converted into rich agricultural land and a nature reserve.

North of Hula are towns with a rich history. Metula dates back to 1878 and Rosh-Pina to 1896. Nearby Kfar Blum offers hotel facilities and hosts an annual Music Festival. TelChai and Kiryat Shmona commemorate Yosef Trumpeldor and the early pioneers of the area.

Golan Heights

Wines from Golan Heights vineyards and wineries have won international acclaim.

Mount Hermon: All-year vacation spot and winter ski resort, more than 6,000 feet above sea level.
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