Lloret de Mar
Lloret de Mar
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The Province of Girona is an ideal destination for summers on the beaches, winters skiing in the Pyrenees and fascinating history all year.

The beach resorts of the Costa Brava have been a highly popular focus of real estate development for many years. Costa Brava, the coast line of the Province, stretches 37 miles from the Barcelona Province border in the south to the French frontier in the north. We have grouped the beach resorts into four adjoing sections. Lloret de Mar is the most popular sea resort, known for its extensive nightlife. Another interesting resort, Roses, was the home of El Bulli, said to have been the word's best restaurant.

The Province of Girona has much to offer in the way of cultural heritage and monuments. Beyond the coastline there are eight diverse regions:

Alt Emporda includes the northern end of the Costa Brave. Its capital, Figueres is famous as the birthplace of Salvador Dali.

Baix Emporda includes the middle section of the Costa Brava. Its capital, La Bisbal, is known for its ceramics and historical center.

El Pla de l'Estany is fertile farm country with beautiful landscapes. Banyoles. the capital is near an attractive lake. once site of Olympic games championships.

Girona. The region includes Gerona, the capital city of the province, which has had a stormy history back to Roman times. Its Girona Jewish Quarter is one of the the best preserved in Western Europe.

La Cerdanya is the northernmost part of the province and very much in the central pyrenees, superb ski country. La Molina is the major ski resort.

La Garrotxa has many well preserved medieval villages. Besalú has interesting evidence of past Jewish presence in the town.

La Selva includes the southern end of the Costa Brava. Aside from several very picturesque towns including Caldes de Malavella with its thermal springs, it is also the home of the Girona Airport, only 10 minutes from the city.

Ripolles is pretty well north and includes part of the Pyrenees. Ripoll, its capital is the site of a renowned monastic center.
Girona  Province - Costa Brava Map Girona  Province - Costa Brava Map Girona  Province - Costa Brava Map Girona  Province - Costa Brava Map


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Published 04.09.2015
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