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Pakistan, with a population of close to 200 million, has had a rather turbulent history.

The country is made up of 4 regions:

Sindh, Punjab, Balochistan and the North West Frontier, each with its own contribution to a rich and diverse culture.

Sindh: Karachi, Pakistan's largest city and the capital of Sindh, is known to locals as "Bride of the Cities" and "City of Lights." Jinnah International Airport KIH is is the top airport of Pakistan. For the tourist, Karachi has all the attractions of a megacity. Hyderabad, once known as the "Paris of India," is Pakistan's No. 2 city. Islamabad is the new capital of Pakistan and said to be an architectual marvel.

Punjab: Lahore is Pakistan's cultural capital. Taxila is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and an archaeologist's paradise. For mountain climbers there are the Himalayan Hill Stations of Murree and Ghora Gali.

North West Frontier: This region has questionable areas, such as those under tribal control, but also some wonderful tourist destinations. These include the Hunza Valley, an alpine region way up north. Karimabad, in particular, has gorgeous scenery surrounded by spectacular mountains as has Saiful Muluk, an alpine lake in the Kaghan Valley. The Himalayans straddle the border between Punjab and the North West Frontier. Nathia Gali is a Hill Station on the NW Frontier side of the border. The Khyber Pass, the mountain pass to Apfganistan, was part of the original Silk Road and a favorite invasion path in ancient times.

Balochistan is not much of a tourist destination. Quetta is the capital and the major cultural center. Gwanda is a planned community and destined to become an important Port and industrial complex.

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Published 01.20.2014
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