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Montenegro is a small country with a population a bit higher than 600,000, which split off, not too long ago, from Serbia and was, before that, part of Yogoslavia. Although Montenegrin is the official language, Serbian is still the primary language spoken. The currency is the Euro.

Montenegro has recovered pretty much from the ravages of the civil war and is being increasingly rediscovered by tourists. The three areas of interest to tourists are the Mountainous Region, the Central Region and the beach resorts of the coast.

The Mountainous Region is part of the Dinaric Alps. Zabljak is the popular winter resort. Bijelo Polje has a mineral water spring - drinking from it allegedly gurantees longevity to age 95. Durmitor National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is known for the magnificent Tara River Canyon, a spectacular site for rafting.

The Central Region includes the current capital of Podgorica and the former capital of Cetinje. Podgorica is a city of 140,000 and a good entry point for a visit to Montenegro. Other areas may be reached from there very conveniently. Cetinje, a city of less than 20,000, has an interesting historical center.

The Montenegrin Coast:
Budva, the Montenegrin Miami,3500 years old, is the most popular beach resort. Unfortunately, the beaches have little sand and are mostly rock. Prices are high and much of the new development is poorly planned, but nightlife has been descibed as vibrant. The town is close to the Tivat airport. In contrast, nearby Bečići has a long sandy beach.
Before the 1990's, nearby Sveti Stefan was an exclusive destination. Its old city, on a little island off the coast, has since been transformed into part of a privately developed Luxury Resort.

Kotor, further north, and only 2500 years old, is a picturesque town and part of a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is a popular stop for cruise ships. The town has had a turbulent history and was once a major naval base of Autria-Hungary.

Close-by Perast is interesting insamuch as it was once part of the Republic of Venice which left a promounced imprint on its architecture.
Ulcinj, at the southern end, has a population that is mostly Albanian and Moslem. Its attractions are a 7.5 mile long sandy beach and a well-preserved old town.

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Telephone Country Code: 382
Internet Domain: me
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TGD Podgorica - TIV Tivat

Published 01.20.2014
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