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New Brunswick was part of Acadia, the French colony in Nort America in the 17th and 18th centuries. During much of that period, the area was subjected to attacks by the British who eventually replaced the French as the colonial power. However.,French-Acadian culture has survived in the area as well as in Louisiana, where some of the Acadian population was resettled.

We have listed the towns of New Brunswick along four scenic routes:

The Acadian Coastal Drive from Dalhousie in the north. along the east coast, to beyond Port Elgin in the south. Acadian culture is much in evidence here. The two bigger towns are Bathurst and Miramachi.

The Fundy Coastal Drive along New Brunswick's south coast from Monton to St. Andrews. It passes Saint John, New Brunswick's largest city.

The Miramichi River Route runs from Miramichi to Fredericton, the province's capital.

The River Valley Scenic Drive runs aiong the Saint John the Bay of Fundy. On the way is the capital, Fredericton.
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Published 01.20.2014
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