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For many years, German-speaking Burgenland was part of Hungary until it joined Austria in 1921. The name reflects the multitude of castles that dot it as well as the adjacent areas.

Burgenland has a mild climate and numerous days of sunshine. As a result, it is a thriving wine-growing area. Its wines are of high-quality although their reputation was temporarily damaged during the wine scandals of the 1980s. Goldburger is a notable white wine, Uhudler, a rosé.

Middle Burgenland calls itself "Sonnenland," Land of the Sun. Lutzmannsburg is a Sun Spa catering largely to children polio victims.

Southern Burgenland's thermal springs have attracted visitors seeking cures since Roman times. Bad Tatzmannsdorf is one of Austria's leading health and wellness resorts.

In Northern Burgenland, Eisenstadt, the capital of Burgenland, became, in the middle of the 17th century, the domain of the Eszterházys, a Hungarian aristocratic family. Their Baroque castle is the major attraction of the city. They were sponsors of composer Joseph Haydn who conducted concerts in their palaces for many years. Eisenstadt has thus become the "City of Haydn," home of the Haydn Haus, his mausoleum with his casket in a local church and periodic Haydn Music Festivals.

There was a flourishing Jewish community in Eisenstadt. In the 19th century, Burgenland had 8,000 Jews, today there are a handful. The Eisnstadt Jewish quarter has been restored with the Austrian Jewish Museum housed in the mansion of Samson Wertheimer, a prominent Rabbi and talented financier of the late 1600s.

In 1670 Prince Eszterházy settled Jews, who had been expelled from Vienna, in Eisenstadt and six neighboring towns. These seven communities (Siebengemeinden), under his protection, had administrative autonomy and became centers of Jewish learning until destroyed by the Nazis.

Lake Neusiedl is a popular vacation destination, known as the Sea of the Viennese. It is the only lake in Europe without a natural outflow. As a result, careful control is required to keep the water level within reasonable limits. The area is a paradise for bicycle enthusiasts with 300 miles of bicycle paths surrounding the lake.

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